Changing Team in Company

This is my third team in this company. I want to write about my experiences of changing team in same company. Two transfers were totally different experiences for me. For the first one I talked with my manager to change team, but in the second one I learned that my team will be abandoned.

In the first transfer I spook with my manager and tell him to I want to work on different topics, and I want to work with new people. I was in the same team for about three and a half year and my work was repetitive for me. It was a chance for me that an organization change was planning at the same time with my talk and my manager ask me to jump a new team. We talked about the interest area of the new team and the team members, at the end of the talk accepted the offer. Since both teams were reporting to same manager it was easy to transfer in paperwork manner. I talked with heads of both units and we decided a schedule about transferring ongoing works. However, one of my colleagues from my new team was suddenly quitted the job. Therefore, I switched immediately to new team and started to work on new project.

In my second transfer, we learned that our team will be closed, and responsibilities of our team will divide to different teams. Since it was again my three and a half year in the same team, I wanted to change my work also and talked again with my manager, so I was transferred to a new team with totally different work area. I passed my subjects from previous team to three people from three different units and get new chairs in my ex-projects on behalf of new team.There are both pros and cons of skipping to new team in the same company. In my opinion the most important disadvantage is loss of carrier gains. Since it is totally new area you will be a rookie after transfer.  Another disadvantage related with the first one is almost all knowledge which you save in the previous team become useless. Adaptation to new colleagues and learning new stuff is also challenging. These challenges are disadvantages of changing team but in another perspective, I selected to transfer to a new team to learn new topics and get experience with working together with different people. Therefore, the most important pros of changing team are chance to work new issues and learning from new people. Also getting perspective of different units to same project is a plus. If you are at the same team for whole time of the project you can only see the one side of the project. However, all units have their own priorities and constraints. In short, I like to work on different topics and work with different talents so changing team for every 3 to 5 year is a pleasure for me, but one should consider his/her expectations while deciding to switch to a new team.

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