My Online World After Covid19

As everybody feels Covid19 epidemic speeded up digitalization of daily life. From my perspective basically I live that quick change in three areas. First one is online shopping. I and my wife were using online shopping websites for various products such as electronics, book, spare for car etc. However, we do not prefer daily or weekly shopping from online grocery. In fact, I was having a bit more tendency to online shopping for daily usage, but it was not enough for switch yet. I was having a question about freshness of vegetables and fruits and expiration date of other products. Pandemic pushed us to cross the line and we tried “sanalmarket”. Since we had a good experience, we continue to use online shopping to buy fruit, vegetables, milk or something like them. We also tried “macrocenter” and “istegelsin” for this kind of shopping. We like “istegelsin” also and still sometimes we use it, but “macrocenter” was not a satisfactory experience. Shopping was taking approximately an hour every week for me. Online grocery shopping avoids me noticeable time loss. We frequently use applications which I mentioned above, but sometimes we need a small piece quickly. In that case there are quick delivery applications, “banabi” and “getir”. They are a bit expensive, but almost instant. We had another change in shopping habit in meals. Almost every weekend we go out and had a launch in a restaurant as family. Since restaurants are closed for eating in place, now we start to order food to home in weekends. It is not the same experience and pleasure, but it is the only choice for now.

Second digitalization change because of Covid19 in my life is occurred in weekly meetings with my friends. Almost every Friday evenings we were hanging out. However, since coffees are closed and curfew it is not possible to meet at outside. Therefore, we moved to online meetings. We meet online and chat again Friday evenings. Online meetings have some small advantages such as not must to drink coffee at night; it affects negatively my sleeping quality. Also, it is appropriate for short attendance. However, online friend meeting is not an alternative for conventional meeting because it is not a full experience. Heaving dinner together, being in a new place complement chatting with friends.

Last topic which I want to mention is online meetups. Before pandemic I was attending some conferences, talks and meetups physically but now all these activities are in online world. This new age brings both pros and cons. It is possible to attend more activities because there is no transportation time loss. Also, since location is not a constraint now there are too many options.  On the other hand, there is less or no chance for network building, they are definitely less funny and since it is easy to abandon, I am less motivated to attend. 

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