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Life long learning is a passion for me. I always feel better when I begin a new learning adventure. After my graduation I continued to seek various learning activities. I did not complete my PhD but I learned a lot from that journey too. In fact I more like face to face education, I have convincing reasons for that but it is not the topic of this post,  but for last five years it is a bit more hard for me to attend classes in a physical building regularly. Therefore, I have started to satisfy my learning desire by online courses. 

Two weeks ago I have just started to pursue a new program called Architecture and Systems Engineering: Models and Methods to Manage Complex Systems on MIT xPro. This is my first paid online course. I would like to thank my company to pay it. I heard the program from one of my friend just a week ago to kick off of the course. In a week I adjusted all paper work for purchase of the program with the help of both Roketsan and MIT staff.

Now, first two weeks of the first course of the program had finished. Courses are not only videos which an instructor explain something, but it is an experience which includes reading some text, watching videos, writing in discussion forums and doing graded and project assignments. I spend about an hour daily for four days in a week. For the first two weeks course content and assignments were not too hard but in next weeks I expect that there will be more complicated topics.

In my profession I am working in a team which designs missile launcher systems for aircrafts and UAVs. Since all aircrafts, missiles and launchers are complicated systems with many subsystems, systems engineering approach is a necessary asset for whom deals with this kind of business. So, my main expectation from the course is improving my abilities about challenging with complex systems. Moreover, I hope to refine my insight about global product development mentality. I will update this post or add a new one after end of the first course of the program.

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